22 November 2009

Gmail works with Konqueror now! Sort of

Konqueror's KHTML rendering engine is known to not be really full-featured when it comes to full-blown web applications like Google Docs, Gmail, iGoogle and Zoho. Of course I have kpart-webkit installed so I can toggle engines on the fly, but it is just buggy in a different way, so it doesn't work with these apps either. Arora works fine but is in an early stage of development and crashes regularly, also it doesn't integrate as well in KDE as I would like.

While I have no means of getting a full web experience with a KDE based browser, I got Gmail running flawlessly on Konqueror. It seems Google has updated some of the code to make it more cross-browser compliant. However, you will still get the "unsupported browser" warning and a hell of quirks when visiting Gmail and going to your inbox. That is, until you forge the user agent to identify as Firefox 3.0.5 (other versions or browsers will not work, it has to be that one). Gmail works as intended then, including advanced functions like creating filters. In Konqueror's settings, you can specify to always use that user agent on mail.google.com.


  1. Still waiting for iGoogle widgets to work in Konqueror (they reset themselves every time I open the iGoogle page) :-/

    Apart of the somewhat lacking Javascript implementation, it's a great and fast browser.