18 January 2010

German license plate - 40 years of Unix

I found a license plate generator online and as you probably guessed, this was the result:

This is actually a valid German license plate (Unna county in Northrhine-Westfalia, just around the corner from here) and it is very likely already taken (two-digit numbers are rare, except for motorcycle plates; this is a full-size car plate however).

I occasionally spot geek license plates; here in Bochum, several BO-FH's are on the road, and some guy from M√ľnster who regularly parks two streets away has a MS-FT plate.


  1. What made you decide to name your blog name as "herebepenguins"? I really love penguins!

  2. Before starting the blog, I thought about a name for several days and came up with a few good ones, which were already taken. So I sat there at the blog creation page and thought something like "I would really like to find a good name so I can navigate in there".

    That made me think of map making and sailing ships. Some historical maps are said to contain the phrase "Here Be Dragons" at the location of unknown lands or seas. Well, I had originally not been fond of having "penguin" in the title because the blog would be about Free/open technology in general, not specifically about Linux, but I had no other ideas what to replace "dragons" with.